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't be political footballs for republicans and shouldn't be ignored by democrats. we need to fix obama care, upgrade obama care but right now everybody is scoring political points and nothing is getting done. >> i think van does as good a job as anyone can of depending the indefensible. this is a simple question, the president of the united states on thousands of occasions said you will not lose your insurance, you will not lose your doctor, you will not lose your hospital. now it's either true or it's not true. and you can obviously use big words but the fact is the president of the united states knowingly, i mean, if he had gone to the country and said look, about 16 million of you will lose insurance but, you know, it for the better good of the country, he might not have gotten reelected so he chose a path profoundly wrong and now they are caught up -- >> there were losers under the last system and democrats stood up and those people cannot be discriminated against because of prekpaising conditions and women. if there are losers under this new system and there appear to be some, democrat
solo cup, not a crystal stem. >> there's clearly a belief among republicans that at some point and after some cost, the website will be functional, so critics are taking aim at weaknesses of the actual law. >> mike, thank you. president obama finds himself in a difficult place tonight. both physically and politically. in a city concerned much more about a possible world series championship, the president hoped to capitalize on the public's selective memory by comparing his disastrous health care rollout to the one of his vanquishled 2012 opponent. >> the president went to boston to draw a parallel between his signature health care plan and the massachusetts version he said it was modeled after. >> you guyed had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. a proven bipartisan success. your law was the model for the nation's law. >> but former senator scott brown who was a state legislator when the massachusetts bill was passed said there is no comparison. >> obama care is nothing like what we passed in massachusetts. there are a couple of little similar
. in just a few hours, president obama is expected to share the limelight with the most recent republican nominee for president, mitt romney. needless to say, reminding the country of his significant contribution to the development of obama care is not something governor romney is exactly excited about. in a statement released just hours ago, romney went to great and some would say almost painful lengths to distance himself from the thing his own party hates most in the world. in the years since the massachusetts health care law went into effect, nothing has changed my view that a plan crafted to fit the unique circumstances of a single state should not be grafted on to the entire country. health reform is best crafted by states with bipartisan support and input from its employers, as we did, without raising taxes and by carefully phasing it in to avoid the type of disruptions we are seeing nationally. joining me today, democratic strategist and principal at the raven group, jamal simmons. random house executive, john meachem. and senior staff writer at salon, brian boitler. also joining
that you just showed, some republicans saying why aren't you out there getting obama care exchanges like everybody else because you should do this as the leader and her answer was, well, you know, i can't do it and seemed to suggest it's because she's a recipient of federal health care plan right now, but later, her aids clarified that it not so much that. that's not why she's not getting obama care herself or going on an exchange but it's because she's 65 and a medicare recipient and that's the reason. you can't get medicare and obama care at the same time. so that could speak to some of the continued confusion -- >> she seems -- >> hhs doesn't -- >> exactly. it's confusion. >>> the view from the left and the right. speaker gingrich, in a tweet today you said and i quote sebelius' dishonesty and testimony this morning exceeding anything president nixon was accused of. the president cannot tell the truth and survive. are you really saying -- are you comparing what she said to what richard nixon did, lying and covering up conspiracy? >> i certainly think in terms of being dishonest. take
keep it. the most devastating thing to obama's white house isn't that the republicans are united against them. democrats were united against george w. bush for the entirety of his presidency. the most devastating thing for the obama white house is that they are losing credibility among democrats and they are doing that because they are incompetent. not because they are wrong. there are a lot of democrats willing to go along with that. willing to get behind him. he won two presidential elections in a decisive manner. but they have roven that they do not know how to run a competent policy process and proving now that they can't run a political process behind their policy initiatives. >> the thing about obama through five years is interesting no matter what was going wrong with his policies, his personal ratings, he still got the pass. this is the first time, this is a seminal moment in his presidency that his personal numbers are upside down disapproving. proving where do you go with him? >> i still think there is a peril here for republicans in trying to hit the president too hard
in incremental and piecemeal way as. said no way. those blue dog democrats that decimated and republicans took control of the house bozo barack obama and the left this is what you have to understand is less about his party and less about would elections at this point then it is about the ideological and fundamental transformation of the nation. charles: it is not about economics. when this guy, a congressman can say is 33-year-old son will get subsidized by the american public because he makes less than 400% over the poverty line it is nuts. they sell it as something altruistic and forget how you pay for it. stuart: i just can't -- i see this thing collapsing. thirty million cancellation notices. >> they always wanted single payer, socialized medicine. obama is on the record with it, nancy pelosi, joe biden, harry reid, tom harkin, a kathleen sebelius call on the record over you say and ultimately we want to get a single payer. this has been designed to fail and collapsed. they will say we have no choice to get a single payer because we are dependent on this. stuart: maybe i am totally naive.
and today we watched as the federal official who oversees the obama care exchanges appeared before a house committee to testify about the flawed rollout of health and we also watched as democrats on that committee reached their limit of just how much phony republican concern they can stomach. >> there had been a little bit and systematic attempt on the part of the majority in the house and the mine north in the senate to take it impossible for all americans to receive quality health care, and some of us will not stand for it. we will stand up for what is right, for what is fair and what is just. health care is a right and not a privilege. >> democrats today didn't hide their frustration with republicans suggest concern with fixing american's broken health care system. >> are you serious? what you just said? are you really serious? after what we have gone through? you can sit there and say that you had a legitimate alternative after these years? we have gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now of you trying to d dismantle the legislatuelection? >> there is no way to fix this mon stroti
. but that doesn't mean i embrace obama care because it's not right. >> that's republican governor of ohio sounding like a liberal. more on his interesting transformation ahead. ♪ at any minute... could be a victim of fraud. most people don't even know it. fraud could mean lower credit scores... ...and higher interest rates when you apply for a credit card. it's a problem waiting to happen. check your credit score, check your credit report, at america's number one provider of online credit reports and scores. don't take chances. go to if you have a business idea, we have a personalized legal solution that's right for you. with easy step-by-step guidance, we're here to help you turn your dream into a reality. start your business today with legalzoom. >>> we love hearing from you on twitter and facebook. later in the show, we'll talk about chris christie's role in the recovery of the storm. what do you think of chris christie's performance during sandy. do the job elected officials do, could have done more or failed the people of new jersey. we'll share the result
today. republicans saying why aren't you out there getting the obama care exchanges like everybody else. you should do this as the leader. the answer was i can't do it. she seemed to suggest because she is a recipient of federal health care plan right now, but later her aides clarified it's not so much that, that is not why she is not getting obama care herself. she is 65 and she is a medicare recipient. that is the reason. you can't get medicare and obama care at the same time. that could speak to the continued confusion. the secretary of hhs doesn't. it's confusing. >>>. >> the view from the left and the right. >> in a sweet today, sebelius is dishonest and exceeds anything president nixon was confused about. they cannot tell the truth and survive. are you really saying that -- comparing what she said to what richard nixon said lying and covering up experience some. >> i think in terms of being dishonest, take the last four days or three days in the white house. saying that obama care doesn't cost anybody their insurance. we had reports that the white house is pressuring and if true i
. the delegitimatization of the president and that type of rhetoric has just killed republicans and obscures our ability to make a policy argument. it's terrible. >> to go to steve's point about the new polls. it doesn't have great news for any politician these days. president obama is at a new low for him with 41% positive rating. but that is almost double the republican party's positive rating which is at 22. i have to say i didn't know it could get that low. tea party is 23. that's where positive rating is, joy reid. i want to go to something that is in "the new york times" today. republican pollster on the issue of immigration reform is talking about that and he said he worried about the republican opposition to possibly being based in racism. he said racism may be a part of it. the republican party needs to stop pandering to that, which i think is what we just saw raphael cruz doing. the republican party needs to throw in the towel on the immigration issue. >> the thing that's sort of interesting about when republicans try to recruit minorities and bring them into the fold, what they wind up doing
years but it hasn't worked. now republicans have a real sort of talking point around obama care now. >> let me bring you back in as far as the insurance industry. you have -- there are reports that insurance executives are heading to the white house and having discussions they do not want to see in extension that's being pushed by a few democrats. they believe that would be detrimental, we don't need another insurance here. some looking at wall street and how they are faring, they are doing pretty good. you've always been concerned about the insurance executives and their influence here. what concerns you at this point? >> well, they are inordinately influ enshal. that's why the statement if you like your insurance you can keep it was so ill advised because it doesn't take into consideration how powerful these people are in washington and how much control they have over the health care system. it's important they go to the white house again. a delay into -- of some of the elements of the affordable care act would not be a good thing. i think they can work -- they have a great insen
morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum. the issues as we said continue today as the obama administration is scrambling to get this whole thing fixed. but top republicans say they think this may just be the beginning into the website was supposed to be the easy part of this. so i see actually this is just the tip of the iceberg or problems with bigger problems to come but the democrats i think are at a point of high anxiety. bill: that was senator barrasso from yesterday. sebelius is on the hot seat this week testifying on what has been an unmitigated disaster. jonah goldberg, leads our coverage, editor-at-large, "national review." good morning you to. you've been studying this over the weekend. another crash overnight. what happened this time? >> this is one of the contractors, the data services hub which provides information to the insurers and to other government agencies, it went dark and sent everything into a sail spin. they say they will try to fix it as quickly as possible. bill: republicans are talking all weekend. they believe this is the just the tip of the iceberg. if that is
your tweets and posts. house republicans demanding answers about the obama care web site and a subpoena is going out o. house oversight chair darrell issa is here to talk about that next. test test >>> okay. let's go off the record for just a minute. now, this is not about whether you are for or against obama care. this is about reality. about getting the money to fund obama ha care. where are we getting it. obama care for the nation ♪ free. we had to find the money but where? shear who the obama administration is banking on, the young and the healthy. president obama believes the old and healthy will finance old. young people typically don't have much medical care. they are young. the hope is that the young fill the obama care covers and take that money to use to pay the big medical bills of the older and the sick. can we counted on the young? will they do this for us? what do you think in the the white house is hoping the young will make up 40% of the new enrollees in the health care exchanges, but getting that many people to sign up, well, i don't think that's so easy. right now th
the entire law. today republican leaders made that clear. >> you know, the problem with obama care isn't just the website. it's the whole law. >> and the bottom line is the problems with obama care run deeper than just the website. >> hear that? this isn't about the website glitches. it's about scrapping the whole thing. never mind that 17 million children with pre-existing conditions are now covered. never mind that insurance premiums are 16% lower than expected. the gop wants all this to wither on the vine. and they're offering no alternatives of their own. and today democratic congressman bill pasquel called them out on it. >> including the one i'm the coo sponsor of. >> are you serious what you just said? are you really serious? after what we have gone through and what we have gone through in the last three and a half years. you can sit there and say that you had a legitimate alternative after these years? we've gone through 44 votes, 48 votes now, of you trying to dismantle the legislation. you call that cooperation? i don't. >> wow. that's an amazing moment. this law is important. it's
for republicans to president lk about obama without mentioning the word president. seems disrespectful. and so, mr. speaker, i certainly don't mean any ill-will any time i ave used the shorthand and tried to use president obama, but i also hope that my friends probably every one of the democrats in this body and probably all of the republicans in this body that have referred to anything that happened in the bush administration or used the shorthand rendition of under bush without saying president who wantt those people president obama to vice president president before obama said, that they will go ahead and apologize for ever referring to bush without president in front of that. but the reason that doesn't necessarily need to happen is -- i know most people didn't mean ny iltl ill-will by that and those who hung president bush in effa guy and said nasty things about president bush, never crossed my mind that they might they ist, but i thought just disliked the man. if you say something about the president, then you must be a raceist. and i just look so forward to the day when the dream of ma
obstructionism on display today. senate republicans successfully blocked two obama administration appointees. u.s. congressman mel watt of north carolina was blocked from becoming the next head of the federal housing finance agency. watt is the first sitting member of congress whose nomination has been defeated by a phil buster since, get this, 1843. and the other appointee to be blocked by patricia millit to the court of appeals. "hardball" back after this. you'd what they're saying about the nissan altima. ♪ and we have to admit, that it's all true. but don't just take their word for it, check it out for yourself. the award-winning nissan altima. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $179 per month lease on a 2013 nissan altima. ♪ with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s.
think, congressman, to see, in fact, the moral high ground. all the republican caucus had to do is say irrespective of the refusal of the democrats that you would not accept your health care subsidies for obama care. i think th would have been a remarkable gesture on your part. also remarkable, a demonstration in washington, d.c., on immigration. lobbyists showing up from the national association of manufacturing, the chamber of commerce, the folks from microsoft and zuckerberg's operation. to demand amnesty. where are we headed with this? >> well, if their demand is amnesty, they're going to be very disappointed. i think where we're headed is kind of where we were back before the fiscal issues knocked everything else off e map. i've spoke to chairman goodlad who i think is doing a fell ol natural job from virginia last night. we're going to start having hearings again, and the house is going to pursue a step by step, comprehensive, not throw everything in, not hide stuff in a big bill, a step-by-step process where the viewers, the voters, the people we work for who say this is about a
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the help panel there was no precise data on enrollments. senate republicans have blocked the confirmation of two obama nominees, one for housing oversight post and the second to a powerful appeals court. in back-to-back votes thursday, the senate fell just shy of t 60-vote threshold to overcome republican filibusters against melvin watt, a democratic congress member from north carolina, who was tapped to oversee the home or goods industry. who wasicia millett, nominated for the d c circuit of the was court of appeals. system that has not protected us. kenya to from niger, officials said that recover the bodies of 92 migrants who perished from thirst after the vehicles broke down in the sahara desert. they were fleeing from poverty. more than 50 children were reportedly among the dead. launched aa, workers nationwide strike thursday demanding a wage hike amid soaring inflation. a group representing labor union said about julian workers are participating in the strike, although police put the number much lower. strike shut down factories that produce garments and other goods. factory worker
they did not have -- help the republicans? just like vladimir putin said. he did not understand what obama was doing. he was either ignorant or trying to destroy america. guest: she brings up a great point, the issue i was talking about, so many instances where executive branch agencies have screwed up. i can assure you that if the irs had the oversight of the nsa, that would not have happened. if they are so distrusting of governments, we have to fight that. people want to paint our government with the same brush, she is exactly right, there was some abuse of power over there at the irs and we have continued to investigate that. it is against that backdrop we are trying to defend programs that are important for this country, defense, and national security. that is the tough battle i have got. we are trying to find some things to do to help with respect to the intelligence we beingthering where it is properly overseen, gathered, and watched like a hawk. host: congressman, thank you for coming to talk to our viewers. guest: greta, thank you for having me on. i did not mean to pitch myself.
not nonpartisan, according to the conservatives. this has republicans scared out of their minds. they don't know what to do. krauthammer laid down the battle lines this morning. he said if obama care fails, liberalism will be set back a generation. >> the irony is that his signature achievement, obama care, is the test of this new liberalism, and today it hangs in the balance of a website or a promise here and there, so there's kind of a practical reality check on his ambitions. if he does not succeed with obama care, the cause of the kind of expansive liberalism, the kind of entitlement state he has been looking for, i think will be set back a full generation. >> this is not about entitlements. this is about excess. this is about people being denied. and this new liberalism that's out there. heck, i thought kennedy had a pretty good dose of how he wanted to take this country in the right direction. and now president obama, i guess you could say, generationally speaking is taking us to round two. what are they afraid of? they are afraid that this is going to be so popular, and that they are on t
hearing today about affordable care act. president obama by passed congress to speak directly to the american people at nathaniel hall in boston today. >> this is the hall where seven years ago, democrats and republicans, came together. to make health reforeign minister a reality for the people in massachusetts. it's where then-governor, mitt romney, democratic legislators, senator ted kennedy -- many of the folks who are here today, joined forces to connect the progressive vision of health care for all with some ideas about markets and competition that had long been championed by conservatives. enrollment was extremely slow. within a month. only about 100 people had signed up. 100. but then 2,000 had signed up. and then -- a few more thousand after that. by the end of the year, 36,000 people had signed up. all the parade of horribles. the worst predictions about health care reform in massachusetts never came true. they're the same arguments that you are hearing now. businesses didn't stop covering workers. the share of employers who offered insurance increased. people didn't
against obama care. sadly as you just noted, what we then saw was senate republicans not unite but be divided. if senate republicans had united and supported house republicans, supported the american people, we could have had a very different outcome. >> that was ted cruz talking two weeks ago. actually while congress was still voting to open the government, raise the debt ceiling, and yes, continue funding the affordable care act to. day politico reporting that ted cruz is backing down and promised his fellow republican senators he will stop attacking them. according to politico, ted cruz attended a closed door lunch meeting with senate republicans where he told them he won't engage in the senate conservative fund's hardball tactics to defeat his colleagues. the freshman conservative told his colleagues he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights or fund raise for the controversial outside group. the jim demint founded senate conservatives fund aligned itself with ted cruz leading up to the government shutdown. even putting him in one of their ads. >> we need congress
and they will do what they have to do. one thing that upsets me is these republicans cannot give president obama credit for anything. president obama has serious giving up their chemical weapons. -- syria giving up their chemical weapons. we sent thousands of our children in. yet you guys have no problem backing george bush. one more thing i would like to say is that you say it's not about israel. please, hold me to this, c-span. you let people say the craziest things, and then you thank them for their call. ridiculous. you need to have a thumbs-up up or thumbs down on the people that make comments. this comment, sequestration that we have -- we take money away from americans. we take money away from other foreign countries except israel. find out who wrote the bill to wear when it comes to sequestration, we as americans will have our money taken away, but israel will still get funded like they were before sequestration. this is not the united states of israel. why is israel still getting funded and we are taking money away from the american people, but we still fund israel, these republicans ju
different plans is ridiculous. >> dave, you've heard republicans have been very critical here of obama care specifically the individual mandate. and mitt romney did make a comment on that. take a listen. >> you say it should only be done at the state level, but here's what he said in 2007 about the idea of the thmandate. >> i think you'll find when it's all said and done after all the states that are the laboratories of democracy get their chance to try their own plans, that those who follow the path that we pursued will find it's the best path and we'll end up with a nation that has taken a mandate approach. >> so what is your thought here? what is done on the state level, is it reasonable for think it can be done on the national level? >> i'll say something very rare. i think romney is being consistent. actually is consistent to say he wants a state plan being he wants the federal government to stay out of it. it might irritate democrats to see him again, but he is making a correct point that the president in the selling of this soft pedaled how much life is going to change for some peopl
in virginia, each side is focused mostly on what they like least about the other. republicans want voters to come out in droves and vote against obama care and the rest of the president's agenda, while democrats say the referendum should be on the tea party and social conservatives. >> carl, thank you. so who wins in virginia? let me know on twitter. >>> up next, another body blow to obama care. but first, here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. fox 35 in orlando with the official start of the new charlie crist gubernatorial campaign. the former republican governor is running again, this time as a democrat. fox 29 in philadelphia with details of a huge bribery scandal involving a u.s. navy commander, a legendary defense contractor and offer from one of the other prostitutes and lady gaga tickets. it all is one story, believe it or not. this is a live look at los angeles from kttv. the big story there tonight, accused l.a.x. shooter paul ciancia under sedation and under guard. police say he accomplished both of his goals, killing a tsa officer and sh
they're going to do. obama will only offer up these cuts to medicare and social security if republicans give him more revenue. republicans would rather die than give them more revenue. that's sort of where we are, the lowest common denominator. >> that's the version of what they would call the grand bargain, one that would include more tax revenue and cuts to the big entitlements. >> right. >> paul ryan would cut off his left leg before he goes with it. he spent his last three years, killing the grand bargain left and right. started the whole thing off. no grand bargain. forget the grand bargain. they are apparently open to this kind of small deal. it's possible they can shake loose tiny little revenue here and there. cuts that are acceptable to democrats. that's where they're going with this. >> strategically. the question republicans have to answer for themselves. what's more important to them. defense spending or say, agricultural subsidies because it is the defense spending that they would get restored in this kind of deal. >> right. they have to give up agriculture subsidies. repub
is the political fallout? >> thankfully, ted cruz has branded the republican party as the anti-obama care party. that's going to help us next year. i would recommend the if this proceeds as it looks like it is going to where the democrats have to ask for a delay now, exactly what they shut the government down for, lo those weeks ago, ted cruz and mike lee and the house republicans should do the same thing to a delay bill. attach the defund. now it's not a question of shutting down the government. now it's not a question of the debt ceiling. they can't get it up and running. they have to pass a delay bill. >> there is almost an open warfare against good conservatives. in utah they are going to primary mike lee. if they do -- >> oh! >> you didn't hear? >> no. >> establishment guys are targeting tea party members. >> the one thing you are supposed to depend on the establishment as we refer to it they are supposed to not primary our own guys. usually they are upset about the establishment type and the party apparatus says, no, no don't waste timen on this. we'll keep them. >> if they do though that
. this is the standard bearer for the charge and obama care. >> he's got a shot. >> people who vote in republican primaries, we saw what it looked like the last time and the time before. the problem with the republican primaries last time for them is they didn't have a ted cruz. >> can you see her that cruz is the party's nominee. >> i don't know if he will be the nominee, think we will hav bench. the one thing that we need to either delay or dismantle obama care. that position of delaying and dismannedling obama care as days and weeks go by will be a stronger and stronger position for us to have in this party and it is going to be determining factor in 2014 and that's why you will see democrats caving soon and they'll do whatever they can to stop this from being further implemented. wait and see, but that's going to happen. >> good to talk to you. thank you very much. >> thank you, piers. >> between the left and the right, a ranking member of the subcommittee on health and the vice chair of the house energy and commerce committee. welcome to both of you. let me start with you, congressman. >> i
background and his health. president obama has disdain for rubbing elbows not just reserved for republicans. he could not name his campaign top bunk letters and after meeting with gorm sore rows, he allegedly said if we don't get anything out of him, he would never sit with him again. the book also details the complicated relationship between the president and bill clinton. during a golf outing in 2011 meant to strengthen the bond between the two, they didn't finish all 18 holes. and after coming off the course, obama allegedly told aides about clinton, quote, i like him in doses. the book notes that the president has come to rely, though, on clinton's advice, but their relationship of course may once again be put to the test as we get closer to 2016 and a possible presidential run by hillary. >>> another turn in the texas abortion law situation. a federal appeals court overturned a lower court's ruling that blocked a series of new abortion restrictions. the ruling lets most of the new limits take effect immediately. means up to a dozen clinics won't be able to perform abortions. the restri
at an obama administration war room obtained by congressman darrell issa, a republican from southern california. >>> every year millions of people donate their blood for free. but wait until you see what christin ayers discovered happens to those free donations. it's a story you will only see right here on kpix 5. >>> reporter: watson gives blood to help her community. >> saving a life is priceless. >> reporter: but her donation doesn't stay local or priceless for long. at blood banks like this one that the red cross runs in oakland, blood gets separated into products, red blood cells, plasma and platelets. >> we get the most out of each donation that way. >> reporter: the red cross's bay area spokesman jared schultzman says it's an expensive process. >> for us to collect, test and process the blood and distribute it, we incur great fees. >> reporter: the cost has to be passed on and that's why blood is big business. >> it is one very valuable commodity. >> reporter: arthur kaplan is one of the country's leading experts on blood. >> think of it as oil. it has to be refined and moved
to that? >> i think, charles, the way to make it work is to fix obama care to mike it a bipartisan bill that addresses a lot of the issues that republicans are bringing up because they represent a large part of the american people. >> like what? what piece of reform would you add to the aca right now? >> i think you need to make it more consumer driven. i think you need to fix the issue with the policies that people that are getting their policies dropped. i think that's a big issue. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i understand that. >> people like to make their own choices. when government comes in and says, the choices you've made are not good enough and we're going to make it for you, that goes against the grain for a lot of people in america. >> i know it does. but the reason the government is saying that is because those people are free riders on the system. they're not paying enough into the system and they're taking health care out which comes from everybody else. so they're not saying you can't have a choice. they'll have more choice now between different plans and they can see it i
look back like canada harry truman. every republican's favorite democrat. we will see how things turn of the obamacare -- when obama is in the air. will he be a good president? it is how he handles the next week. if he gets up what he fought for then he is finished. if republicans back to teddy roosevelt or even extend if he gives up i don't know what he has to show. this is big-time. i hope we get through this to respect the common fact in the end and not be to risk prone by the end of next week. think you for coming. [applause] >> 8q2 been directed for having me here. >> that was an endorsement of your buck if you are welcome back any time. >> i will stay as long as you do to sign the book. >> he has agreed to personalize. this is how it will work. he will sit here and first come first served. here is a line. >> if you are mafia above sore aficionado's it is
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for several weeks now that obama care is more than just an ailing website. today, the republican senior senator from indiana, dan coates, agrees, and said obama care's problems, quote, run far deeper. >> when middle class families are getting hit with massive premium increases and outrageous deductibles, it's more than just a website. when individuals can't keep the doctors they have trusted for years, it's more than just a website. when hard working americans are seeing their hours cut and paychecks shrink, it's more than just a website. >> cbs news reported this week that only six people signed up for obama care the first day the website went live and only 248 people signed up by the end of day two. the obama administration needs 39,000 people to enroll a day to meet its goals and make the system work. the white house calls those, quote, rough figures, and says it will reveal enrollment numbers for october in mid-november. white house press secretary jake carney says it will be a slow build. >> it's no question it's been made more challenging by the poorly functioning website and that
in at the . >>> just 48 hours after cathleen sebelius office capitol hill defending the obama care website, a senator got in his own jab at her. she was at the library on friday and a republican senator, brian kelsey, handed her a copy of websites for dummies, according to the paper that snapped the photo, you see her quickly passing the book off to an aid. the website is expected to be back online today after some weekend maintenance. >> and despite the apology from the president, the glitches seem to be the focus going on by criticism, and especially from republicans. we sat down with political reporter joe garafoli and willie brown and said okay. this is a program that is going to go across the nation and is going to affect millions of people. will it be the one that defines the obama administration and democrats for years to come? >> absolutely. this is going to be the gift that keeps on giving for republicans. it's not like a scandal that is here and gone tomorrow, it's something that is a program that is rolled out. every glitch is going to be seized on by the republicans. aha, your healthcare
to avoid a shutdown. we don't like the bill. the bill was the republican house bill. that's what they offered senator reid. he accepted it. that's what they offered president obama. he accepted it. we accepted it. the only people that didn't accept the house republican budget number were the house republican members. so we could have avoided that. every day we would go out to the steps, to the floor, in letters and all the rest, 200 members signing, open up -- first, don't shut down. then, open up. but it's important to note that when we did finally open up, over 60% of the republican caucus voted to stay shut down and to default. over 60%. 144 republicans voted no on opening up government and ending the default threat. so that's really important. that's what we're facing when we go to the budget table. >> do we think that that has bolstered paul ryan in terms of his position and feeling that he is imboldin -- emboldened in hi desire for more cuts and now we're hearing this question of whether or not revenues will be on the table. >> first of all, it's important to note paul ryan
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